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Few of us haven't been affected by the economic downturn and most of us will have realised the rapidly increasing price of ink cartridges. In fact, ink has been dubbed the most expensive liquid on planet earth by many. 

Looking a gift like Lexmark ink coupons up and down before using them for your next ink purchase would seem like a little bit of a bad move for many of us. Saving on your ink costs can be something to brighten your day, whether for domestic, or office use. 

Though printers are improving in their efficiency and there have been some fantastic developments in software, which make ink cartridge use a lot more resourceful, ink costs are still extremely high. Though, this is understandable, considering the amount of research in the field, it is still something that we're delighted to help you save on with our Lexmark ink coupons.

Why are ink cartridges so expensive?

Printer ink is expensive as it is formulated to ensure success inside cartridges. If not exactly correct, ink cartridges clog and cause problems. The research that goes into this from happening means cartridges are often quite expensive, especially for high yielding and fast printing machines. 

Passing the savings directly on to you is something we take great happiness in and these coupons are by all means a great way for us to allow you to save. Ink supplies, whether for ink, or toner cartridge. You may have chosen your Lexmark printer for the great name the company has in the printing world, or for the price of the cartridges, however we're sure that such an addition can only make you happy and put the 'kerching' in your back pocket. 

Take a look at Lexmark ink coupons, the next time you need to purchase your new cartridges.

Lexmark ink coupons are a great way to save. The Lexmark brand is well trusted and known in the business world. Their services extend to small and large business and solutions for home printing. 

Lexmark is one of the leading printer ink brands. Specialising in printers, printer accessories and ink their range of products include everything from colour to monochrome laser and inkjet printers. Lexmark were on of the first companies to produce wifi printers with touch screen and software solutions for professionals. 

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