LaTeX is a document preparation system created in the 1985 by Leslie Lamport. It is based off TeX, a programming language that uses typesetting. The LaTeX simplifies TeX typesetting and complex mathematical formulas. LaTeX uses superior typesetting based on the theory that authors should focus on writing and not the design of a document. This keeps the layout and text coherent all through the document. The below references provide information on writing documents using LaTeX:

Equations & Math Mode

American Mathematical Society – A concise mathematical guide to LaTeX.

Introduction to LaTeX- Typing math in LaTeX.

Mathematics in LaTeX- Lesson in using math formulas in the document preparation system.

Math and Equations- Advice on equations and math modes supported by LaTeX.


Figures- Support on adding graphics in LaTeX documents.

Illustrations- Explains the necessary packages required for inputting graphics.

LaTeX Figures- Instructions on adding figures in the document preparation system.

Inserting Figures- A how to on inserting figures.

Page or Text Layout

Squeezing Space – Tips on creating more space within the document.

Margins – Instruction on changing margins.

Page Layout- A guide to customizing a page layout with an exercise to help understand the instructions.

Layout with LaTeX- Examples and tutorials of LaTeX layouts.

Chapters, Sections, and References

A Type Setting Program – Divisions of the LaTeX document.

Sectioning- List of sectioning commands.

Hyper Text- NASA advice on sectioning commands.

Section Headings- Explains what sections are and how to create them.

LaTeX Sections- Instructional guide on adjusting sections within LaTeX.


Table Tutorial – Tutorial on the key aspects of tables in LaTeX.

Tables – Three basic techniques for constructing tables.

Tabular Environment- Reed College provides in depth information on creating tables, working with other environments, and troubleshooting.

Tips- Tips for working with tables in LaTeX


BibTeX Documentation- Explains what BibTeX is and provides an index to frequently asked questions.

BibTeX- Instructions on using BibTeX.

BibTeX Format- Provides examples, glossary terms and common problems of BibTeX.

Answers to FAQ’S- Detailed advice on using BibTeX.

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