The study of art history is important for many reasons. Often, the social and political atmosphere of a country are reflected in the work done by its artists. Also, by studying artwork from the past we're able to see how to successfully manipulate the basic elements that go into creating an image such as color, line, shape, perspective, light, and more. The knowledge and techniques discovered by past artists can benefit an artist who is beginning their creative work today.

·Information on Prehistoric Art: An examination of the elements that make up prehistoric art accompanied by some examples of work.

·Greek Art: Features examples of Greek art with information about each work.
·The Art and Architecture of the Romans: Discover information on some Roman monuments.

·Ancient Greek and Roman Art Work: Examples of art from the ancient Greek and Roman eras are offered for consideration along with historical information.

·The Domestic Architecture of the Romans: Examples that give an idea of the domestic architecture of the Romans.

·The Byzantine Era of Art: A collection of pages that display examples of Byzantine art along with a map of the Byzantine Empire.

·Early Christian and Byzantine Art Creations: A variety of artwork from the Early Christian and Byzantine period.

·The Facts on Ancient Islamic Art: Learn more about medieval art and observe some examples of works.

·Gothic Artwork: A detailed explanation of the types of artwork within the Gothic period.

·Art of India: Features several examples of artwork from India along with descriptions.

·China's Bronze Age: This gathering of facts about China's Bronze Age includes diagrams and a chronology of the era.

·A Look at Chinese Artwork: An examination of the different sorts of Chinese artistic expression.

·Japanese Architecture: Examples of Japanese architecture from traditional to modern.

·The African Mask as Art: A selection of African masks that carry with them a variety of meanings.

·Museum of Native American Artifacts: A collection of Native American art that includes pieces of pottery, baskets, bows, and more.

·Artwork from the Italian Renaissance: A collection of artworks from the Italian Renaissance are on display.

·The Background of the Renaissance in Art: Explanation of the artworks created during the Renaissance era accompanied by examples.

·Nineteenth Century Artwork: Examples of artwork from different stylistic periods of the nineteenth century.

·Art of the Early Twentieth Century: Features styles of artwork that developed in the early twentieth century.

·Artwork in the Style of Abstract Expressionism: A number of works from the Abstract Expressionism era of painting that focus on the use of color.

·Art in the Style of Fauvism  : An explanation of the twentieth century art style called Fauvism.

·Pop Art of the Late Twentieth Century: A list of works that are identified with the era of Pop art.

The postmodern artists have had a lasting influence on the world. Their works of art continue to delight and inspire.  Often times images of these great works are printed at home in color on photo paper for school assignments. 

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