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Product What do I do if printer indicates cartridge is EMPTY or OUT OF INK but there is ink in the cartridge [<< Back]

Product: What do I do if printer indicates cartridge is 'EMPTY' or 'OUT OF INK' but there is ink in the cartridge?

Compatible cartridges commonly hold more ink than originals. The original cartridges are designed to hold a fixed volume of ink and print almost the same number of pages every time. Because of the higher ink volume, compatibles normally print more pages. Instead of reading the actual ink level, many printers keep a count of the number of pages printed. Once you install a new original cartridge it starts the count again.

When you install a compatible cartridge, the printer sometimes doesn t reset the ink level automatically. Once the printer has printed a certain quota of pages it thinks that cartridge is empty even if it is full of ink.

Recommended Solution:
  • Restarting your printer may overcome the signal and reset the ink level. Printer will then print normally until the ink supply is minimal.
  • If this does not solve the problem, find out if the cartridge has a copper chip at the bottom. If the cartridge has a chip you should gently clean this chip with a tissue paper or cotton. Also, gently clean the copper chip in the printer itself where you insert the cartridge. After this cleaning procedure, reinstall the cartridge and restart your printer.
  • If your printer is a Lexmark or Dell brand, you may continue to receive this error message however the printer will allow you to print anyway.

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