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Product: What do I do if my printer can not recognize the ink cartridge?

No print head in cartridge (Epson, most Canon, Brother, Xerox) This will most often occur with compatible Epson cartridges with a chip in the front of the cartridge. The simple reason is that the chip is not properly connecting with the printer. Is the cartridge properly seated? Try pushing it firmly down and make sure it is properly seated. If this does not solve the problem, turn the printer off, remove the cartridge and reinstall, making sure it is correctly seated. Turn the printer back on and see if the cartridge is recognized. If not, repeat this process several times.

Cartridge has print head (All HP, Lexmark, some Canon) This is caused by improper contact with the printer, or dirty contact points on the cartridge or in the printer. Clean the print head and the printer with a lint-free cloth or paper towel dipped in alcohol, distilled water or a non-greasy cleaner. Clean in a circular motion. Try reinstalling the cartridge. "Drop" the cartridge into the holder and slightly wiggle the cartridge a few times to ensure correct seating. Then lock the cartridge in place.

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