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10 Halloween Printables For Kids!

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When it comes to using your printer to keep your little ones entertained, you can’t go far wrong with colouring-in sheets. Halloween is a great opportunity for a little print and colour-in session, whether you opt for haunted houses, Draculas or zombie bunnies for your own little monsters to decorate.

But did you know your printer has a lot more potential for keeping kids entertained - especially during the exciting Halloween holiday season? Below you’ll find ten printable ideas for Halloween fun, which your children are bound to go batty for!

1. Halloween Countdown Calendar

Simply print out this countdown calendar and pop it on the wall, then use a marker to count down to the spookiest day of the year. This is an easy way to build excitement and should help younger children to get to grips with numbers.

2. Pin the Tail on the Cat

We’re all familiar with pin the tail on the donkey, but this fun printable version gives that party favourite a Halloween twist. Simply print out the friendly-looking black cat and stick it on the wall - or better yet on a pin board - with some blue tack. Then print the matching tails and attach a drawing pin to each. It’ll be down to the blindfolded children to find the right place for the tails!

For an extra bit of fun why not surround the picture of the cat with balloons, which will pop with a bang when your little ones miss completely? You can print out the cat itself here and the matching tails for pinning here.

3. DIY Spooky Masks

A grown-up will be required to help younger children to cut out these masks but they can then be coloured in with pens, pencils or paints and made to look really festive. You may want to back them on durable card if your children are keen to wear the masks - they can then be secured with ribbon, string or elastic - ready for a good trick or treat session!


4. Creepy Crosswords

Your kids might not be up to The Times Crossword yet, so why not ease them in with these child-friendly Halloween versions? There are a few difficulty levels to choose from including the super-tricky one. As such they could be a great way to keep children amused while you enjoy a little me-time…


5. Monster Mazes

Mazes are great ways to keep children entertained and can be fantastic brain-training exercises too. You can encourage your children to attempt them in pencil in case they take a wrong turn, though an alternative could be to print out a few copies for failed attempts. For competitive types you might even want to make completing the maze a race! We’ve found this playful pumpkin maze and this spooky skull maze for them to try.

6. Plan a Party

If your little monsters are keen to get their little monster friends round for a Halloween party you’ll be needing some suitably spooky invites. This printable Halloween party invite is nice and colourful and has lots of space for all the details. Encourage your children to fill them in themselves to get some good handwriting practice in.

7. Woo-Oooo Word-searches

Being cooped up on a rainy afternoon can drive little ones crazy, so having a word-search lined up can be a lifesaver. To give some added motivation why not challenge your children to find all the words within a certain amount of time - and award a prize for any who manage it? This selection of Halloween-themed word-searches comes with different levels of difficulty, enabling you to select the right one for your child’s age and ability…

8. Pumpkin Patterns

No Halloween is complete without a well-lit pumpkin or two. Make yours extra decorative and super-spooky with these printable patterns. Once they’re printed you can trace them onto the pumpkin and cut out the shapes, though obviously smaller children will need a hand with the cutting part.

9. Spooky Stencils

If pumpkin carving seems a little too ambitious for you and your brood, why not try an alternative use for stencils? These basic Halloween stencils can be printed and cut out for decorating all sorts. For example, you can use them with temporary glass paint to decorate the windows of your home. Or alternatively you can print them onto more durable card and cut them out for use decorating cupcakes with icing sugar or cocoa powder!

10. Fancy Dress Without Dressing Up


Even if you don’t have time for fancy dress this Halloween, there’s no need for your children to miss out entirely. These adorably designed paper dolls can be cut out using child-friendly scissors, to deliver lots of dressing-up fun. There are boy and girl designs to choose from, and each comes with cute little accessories - such as lantern trick or treat baskets, pirate eye patches and fairy wings!

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