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Canon Release Portable Scanner For Mac Users

8. June 2010 12:26 by Danielle Bernhard in clickinks, scanning, canon  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

Ink cartridge manufacturer Canon has released a new portable scanner ideal for Macbook users. Called the ImageFormula P-150M, the scanner weighs only two pounds and fits comfortably in a briefcase alongside your Macbook. Below we've compiled a list of the key features of the ImageFormula P-150M alongside the best comments from around the web – meaning you can decide if the Canon release is a worthwhile upgrade to your existing scanner. Of course the ImageFormula P-150M is difficult to compare with other machines – this Mac-oriented portable scanner is one of a kind!


• Small Size - 11 inches x 3.7 inches x 1.6 inches, so you can easily carry the ImageFormula P-150M around with you.

• 'Plug and Play' Functionality – meaning you simply plug the scanner into your Macbook and begin scanning, wherever you are.

• 15 ppm scanning speed – enabling you to upload pages quickly and easily.

• CaptureOnTouch software – so you can transfer your upload images to your iPad or iPod almost instantly.

• EverNote compatibility – meaning you can upload pages to, enabling you to access your files from any computer anywhere on the planet.

• Energy Star Certified – saving you money on electricity.


Robin Morris, “If you want fast quality scans on the road, the Canon ImageFormula P-150 scanner is currently the perfect balance of performance and portability.”

Anonymous, “The all-new Canon P-150M scanner is not only affordable but also extremely usefull for those who use iMac on the go.”

Kat Orphanides, “If your business relies on travelling representatives who need to file signed documents with a distant head office, this sturdy, high quality scanner is an excellent choice.”

Kat Orphanides, “This lightweight portable scanner makes sense for business users on the road, but it's a niche product.”


The Canon ImageFormula P-150M can't compare to ordinary flatbed scanners. However, for travelling businessmen it is almost faultless.


$295 from Canon


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