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Go Stealth: Print with Invisible Ink

15. December 2009 09:38 by Danielle Bernhard in invisible ink, inkjet printer  //  Tags:   //   Comments (1)

How To Print with Invisible Ink

You have seen invisible ink in mysteries and fairy tales. Spies and royalty have been depicted using it for centuries to convey hidden messages for no one else to see. It has been used for both practical uses, and for fun – playing spy games.

Hundreds of liquids, from fruit juices to specially formulated chemicals, can be used as invisible ink. Here we explore some of the ways you can use invisible ink. I hope you will be inspired to make your own invisible ink at home. With a bit of practice, you too can become a master of security through obscurity!

Baking Soda – You have it at home, it has so many uses. You can draw with invisible ink now, using this simple ingredient. Mix equal parts of water and baking soda. Using a paintbrush, Q-tip or any other instrument you can turn the new baking soda solution into your invisible ink. Once your message is dry hold it up to a light bulb until the writing turns brown or paint over the paper with purple grape juice concentrate so the writing changes color.

Soap – Using a common laundry detergent or other soap, you can make a UV detected invisible ink. Using a stick or paint brush, you can write with the laundry soap. Simply make a photocopy using a copying machine to develop your message via UV light.

Lemon Juice – Another common household item, with another interesting application. Using a paintbrush, Q-tip or other stick, you can apply lemon juice as your invisible ink. Once your message is dry hold it up to a light bulb until the writing turns brown. Another way to read the invisible message is to put salt on the dry ink, then after a minute wipe the salt and rub the paper with a wax crayon.

Ink cartridges – If you really want to become a MacGyver or James Bond, then use you’re inkjet printer to do it the right way. After purchasing your new Clickinks ink cartridge, take your empty ink cartridge and you can repurpose it to print invisible ink in a professional, easy to read manner. This is also great for do it yourself water marks. You will need to pry open the plastic cap and remove the sponge. Completely wash all of the ink out of the sponge wipe any ink out of the cartridge. Replace the sponge. Use a syringe to inject the lemon juice or other invisible ink liquid into the sponge. Replace the plastic cap on the cartridge and then replace the cartridge into the printer. Make sure the text you print is in the color the ink cartridge originally was. Use the light bulb to reveal the secret message.

Have fun, and let us know what creative projects you will print in invisible ink.

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