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Wireless Printing is for you!

16. November 2009 09:11 by Danielle Bernhard in wireless printing, epson printer  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
How does wireless printing work? Will it work for me? Can I set it up myself?

Wireless printing sounds like a perfect solution for laptop users, families with multiple computers and anyone frustrated with seeing those ghastly cords everywhere.

But can you set it up? Don’t be intimidated, you can setup a wireless printer in no time!

Wi Fi: Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular in businesses and in the home. The majority of these networks use WiFi.

The Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless All-in-one Printer, shown above, allows you to print via WiFi. In fact, there are several printers on the market that have WiFi transceivers built into them. Simply install the printer to the network so that any computer on your network can locate the printer. Once the printer and computer are both connected to your network, you can send print jobs to the printer. This is very convenient for offices and homes with multiple computers - there's no need to buy a dedicated printer for each machine if everyone can access the same one.

How: The easiest option is to connect the printer to one computer, then allow additional computers access to the network. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate wireless print server device.

Attaching the printer to a stationary computer:

From the Control Panel of the computer connected to the printer, go to Printers and Right click on the target printer then select Properties.
Select the Sharing tab. Select “Share this printer”.

From the Control Panel of any additional computers, go to My Network Places, double click the computer connected to the printer, then double click on the printer which will guide you through setup.

If you are tired of tripping over cables, having your laptop tethered to one location, or not having access to a printer, then you might want to look into wireless printing.

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