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How To Be Sure Your Ink or Toner Is of the Upmost Quality

13. October 2009 14:08 by Danielle Bernhard in quality ink, OEM, quality toner  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
It is natural to look for discount ink and toner cartridges. Especially at this time of economical crises, it is more than practical to look for discount printer ink cartridges in on-line shops, it is a necessity.

Discount ink and toner cartridges allow you to save money printing at home while getting high quality print outs. While most discount printer ink cartridges are of good quality, there are exceptions and quality will vary, just like OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) printer ink cartridges.

Whether purchasing expensive OEM or discount ink and toner cartridges, always purchase from a well known ink or toner supplier, like

If a cartridge is old or has been stored in unsuitable temperatures, it may expire quickly.

If looking at ink levels in your printer settings, a bad cartridge may show up as an X or may be greyed out.

If one cartridge does not work, try another of the same color. If your cartridge still does not work, then you may indeed have an expired or defective ink or toner cartridge.