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Spring Cleaning time has sprung, Don’t forget about your printer.

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This weekend rings in the beginning of Spring. For most parts of the country, even for us Southerners, it has been a long, cold winter. Everyone is more than ready for the beautiful Spring time.

What does Spring make you think of? Beaches and Flowers? Maybe Rain or Easter bunnies? How about Spring cleaning? Go ahead, open the windows, enjoy the warmer weather and start the cleanse.

While at it, you may want to give that often neglected printer a Spring cleaning of its own. Printers need to cycle through a cleaning process once in a while to retain proper maintenance.
  • Open the printer cover, allow the cartridges to move into place, unplug the printer then remove the cartridges and place them on a towel. Be careful what you touch, as it may be hot.
  • Use a slightly damp Q-tip to wipe off any visible traces of dust, dirt or ink. Use a clean Q-tip for each cartridge.
  • Lightly clean the printer, including buttons and ink cartridge cradle with a damp cloth.
  • Open the back of the printer, spray canned air to blow out all the dust and particles that have accumulated.
  • If you have a scanner, use a damp cloth to lightly clean the platen glass and remove any smudges.
  • Gently tap each cartridge on the towel, and then return the ink cartridges back to the printer immediately, to avoid the ink drying out.
  • Plug the printer back into the wall.
  • Run a self test including nozzle check in the printer maintenance utility section from your computer.
  • Turn the printer off at the power switch (but leave plugged in) and leave turned off until you need to print.

The Step By Step Guide to Cleaning Your Printer

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Cleaning your inkjet printer can prove beneficial. To prolong the life of your printer and produce the best printed results, you should clean your printer on a regular basis. Printer and cartridge cleaning is useful for solving print quality issues and extending the life of your printer. In particular, if you are seeing lines or smudges on your print outs, you will need to clean the ink nozzles.

If you have the printer instructions, check for specific instructions. Many times you can also download the manual online.

If you do not have manufacturer directions, you can follow these simple directions.

1.) Turn off the printer and let it cool if necessary
2.) Remove paper
3.) Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with a small amount of water
4.) Wipe the outside of the printer
5.) Dust the printer’s rollers or use a computer vacuum if available
5.) Look on your printer or in the printer software for the Head Cleaning option and initiate cleaning.

If your ink cartridges have been sitting in the printer without use:

1.) Soak your cartridge print head in shallow, warm water
2.) Remove after approximately 5 seconds
3.) Dry thoroughly with a paper towel
4.) Repeat if necessary until ink flows onto the paper towel.