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Lexmark Firmware update - Don't do it

6. January 2011 06:00 by Danielle Bernhard in firmware, OEM, compatible ink, lexmark, driver, 100xl  //  Tags:   //   Comments (38)
Recently Lexmark developed a new firmware and uploaded this new firmware on their website. Lexmark has been asking customers to download their new firmware and install it on their computer. Their new firmware has been tested and unfortunately it looks like the intention of the new firmware is to prevent customers from using compatible Lexmark 100xl inkjet cartridges.  We suggest that you do not download and install new firmware from Lexmark's website unless you want to be restricted to the higher priced OEM cartridges. If you already downloaded and installed the new Lexmark firmware and I trying to use compatible ink cartridges, you should remove all Lexmark firmware and reinstall the previous version of your software from the original CD that came with your printer.

Compatible ink cartridge manufacturers are working feverishly on new chips now, and they will be available at Clickinks as soon as made available.

Clickinks compatible 100XL ink cartridges start at $7.95 and OEMs start at $23.95.

Some of the printer models affected include:

Lexmark Impact S300
Lexmark S305

Lexmark Impact S305
Lexmark Pro 805
Lexmark Prestige PRO 805
Lexmark Pro 205
Lexmark Prospect PRO 205
Lexmark Pro 705
Lexmark Prevail PRO 705
Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901
Lexmark Pro 905
Lexmark Platinum PRO 905
Lexmark S301
Lexmark S405
Lexmark Interpret S405
Lexmark S505
Lexmark Institution S505
Lexmark S605
Lexmark Interact S605

*UPDATE: In an effort to keep up with the newest Lexmark firmware, now has a new version of the 100xl cartridge that will work even if you have updated.  Keep in mind that other suppliers may not yet have the latest micro chips.