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Now you can print a beautiful cake

31. December 2009 05:00 by Danielle Bernhard in clickinks, canon, consumables, compatible ink, find cartridge, diy, epson printer  //  Tags:   //   Comments (3)
Professional bakeries, and home based cake decorators, a new fun way to decorate is now available. Novelty baked goods such as photograph cakes have been made at larger commercial bakeries and grocery stores, now you can decorate your own cake at home using edible ink. Cake decoration has long been a serious art. From birthday cakes to wedding cakes, cake artists will tell you that it is all about presentation. All you need is a good photo printer from Canon or Epson, like the Canon IP or Canon Pixma, compatible ink cartridges or a refill kit and edible icing sheets.

Many cake decorating supply stores carry edible ink and icing sheets. I even found it online at Kopykake and Icingmagic

Once an image is printed on an icing sheet, you can simply place it on top of the frosted cake or other baked good. The icing sheet will seamlessly absorb into cake frosting.

The use of an inkjet printer allows any one that is proficient with a computer to display perfect logos, complete Photoshop designs, family photographs and more like a true culinary artist.

You may want to thoroughly clean your printer before inserting your cartridges filled with edible ink. This way you can have your cake and feel comfortable eating it too.

I found a beautiful example at Sweetmoments

Who knew a regular photo printer could do so much! Whether you are a professional culinary artist or a mom who loves to create top notch birthday cakes, you will want to experiment with edible inks and see where this new method of cake decoration takes you.

If you have a great cake recipe or have accomplished a beautiful design, please share with us in the comments below.

How to Print Your Own Marketing Materials

16. December 2009 12:48 by Danielle Bernhard in clickinks, diy, print marketing  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)
You can print your own professional looking marketing pieces in house, with great results, saving money off the bottom line.

Spend a little extra to purchase the right paper, or print media. If you are sending out postcards or printing business cards, do not try to make do. Purchase the appropriate paper. This will make layout easier and the end product will turn out much more professional. Do not try to use inkjet paper on a laser printer, or laser paper on an inkjet printer.

Today’s inkjet printers do an amazing job of delivering bright, colorful marketing materials. Get the most out of your printer settings. Explore your printer's manual or printing options, and get acquainted with the Properties menu of your print dialog box. There are many settings available that will determine the quality of print, as well as allowing you to select the appropriate paper type. You probably have more printing options than you realize.

Most printers will accept a variety of paper sizes. Not only legal and letter size, you may also be able to print on postcards, envelopes and more. It is easy to get accustomed to printing only letter size sheets of paper without ever exploring the other paper sizes your printer can handle. So find your printer manual, or look it up online, and read up on your printer's capabilities.

Final Note: Have plenty of ink, toner, paper, labels and all other supplies on hand. Stock up on a combo pack at There is nothing worse than running out of ink or paper at the last minute.