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Canon Announces New PIXMA AirPrint Printers

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It seems like not a day goes by that I’m not using my iphone for something other than placing an actual telephone call. Anymore, I rarely ever use it for that function. Communication via text or email is so simple. For me it is mostly used for hand held access to the internet, GPS and a good camera that slips into my pocket. Did you know you can print from most of these applications to your wireless printer? The technology and features of iPhones, and many smartphones, have become so convenient that many people are eliminating their home phone lines all together. Who needs wires to slow you down? Not me as I’m in the middle of running to do half a million different things.

It’s true that those wires served their purpose at one time. Just like that bulky parallel cable running from your PC to your printer was needed in the past. Well the times they are a-changin’ and Canon has introduced a pair of new Pixma All-In-One inkjet printers that offer AirPrint support for your various Apple devices. No more searching for cords or downloading drivers just to print and hang that candid picture you took of your co-worker when they thought no one was looking, like we did below.

Canon has pledged that, from this point forward, the majority of its Pixma printers will support AirPrint. This ensures that owners of these new devices will be able to wirelessly print photos and documents from their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches running iOS 4.2 or newer. A seamless user experience is what this technology is promising and what we all crave in our daily lives.

Back in September 2011, Canon had released the first of its printers to support AirPrint and already carries those Canon Pixma ink cartridges. So when you are in the market for a new printer, you might want to take a second look at a Canon Pixma series printer, and see if you too can print directly from your iphone.

Ink Installation Instructions

If you are installing an HP 564, HP 920, Canon BCI-3, Canon BCI-6, Canon PGI-5, Canon CLI-8, Canon PGI-220, Canon CLI-221 or similar inkjet cartridge, these instructions are available to walk you through the process.

Name Your Printer - Winner Announcement

What printer model do you use?  Clickinks asked, and our customers answered.  There are a lot of new and old Epson Stylus inkjet printers out there, as well as numerous HP printers.  Canon, Kodak, Lexmark and Brother Multifunctions showed up, too.  Kodak owners seem to like their printer for the great pictures and Brother owners seem to like their printers for everything else.  And by quick observation, dude no one got a Dell.   

We offered 1 lucky winner from Clickinks Facebook and Clickinks Twitter fan pages replacement ink for their printer, and are so excited to announce the winners.

Jewel Nickolisen of Nebraska will receive her Epson Stylus CX6600 ink and David O'Mara of Idaho will receive ink for his Epson Stylus CX8400.

Thanks for playing, and follow along for more great chances to win your ink!

Canon Release Portable Scanner For Mac Users

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Ink cartridge manufacturer Canon has released a new portable scanner ideal for Macbook users. Called the ImageFormula P-150M, the scanner weighs only two pounds and fits comfortably in a briefcase alongside your Macbook. Below we've compiled a list of the key features of the ImageFormula P-150M alongside the best comments from around the web – meaning you can decide if the Canon release is a worthwhile upgrade to your existing scanner. Of course the ImageFormula P-150M is difficult to compare with other machines – this Mac-oriented portable scanner is one of a kind!


• Small Size - 11 inches x 3.7 inches x 1.6 inches, so you can easily carry the ImageFormula P-150M around with you.

• 'Plug and Play' Functionality – meaning you simply plug the scanner into your Macbook and begin scanning, wherever you are.

• 15 ppm scanning speed – enabling you to upload pages quickly and easily.

• CaptureOnTouch software – so you can transfer your upload images to your iPad or iPod almost instantly.

• EverNote compatibility – meaning you can upload pages to, enabling you to access your files from any computer anywhere on the planet.

• Energy Star Certified – saving you money on electricity.


Robin Morris, “If you want fast quality scans on the road, the Canon ImageFormula P-150 scanner is currently the perfect balance of performance and portability.”

Anonymous, “The all-new Canon P-150M scanner is not only affordable but also extremely usefull for those who use iMac on the go.”

Kat Orphanides, “If your business relies on travelling representatives who need to file signed documents with a distant head office, this sturdy, high quality scanner is an excellent choice.”

Kat Orphanides, “This lightweight portable scanner makes sense for business users on the road, but it's a niche product.”


The Canon ImageFormula P-150M can't compare to ordinary flatbed scanners. However, for travelling businessmen it is almost faultless.


$295 from Canon


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March Madness Winner Announcement

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The March Madness winner has been selected! Congratulations to the winner, Graham Miller, who won a Super Saver 16 Pack of ink for his new Canon iP4700 printer!

Stay tuned for another exciting giveaway for April!

Does Your City Government Encourage Ink Recycling?

Recently the Myrtle Beach Chamber Of Commerce in South Carolina announced a venture with local company Fisher Recycling. Together they will encourage ‘green’ policies among businesses in Myrtle Beach. Fisher Recycling will audit waste and provide recycling bins for materials including glass, aluminium and plastic. Of course, this latter category includes ink cartridges.

Individuals can opt into Fisher Recycling’s curbside collection route. The initiative will reduce the waste that goes to landfill, and is convenient for people seeking to dispose of waste responsibly. This includes people concerned with the environmental impact of printing.

Hence it is worth asking: Has your city started a similar initiative? If so it is worth exploiting! If not – perhaps it is worth asking why not!

If you fall into the second category, there are other ways to recycle ink cartridges. Staples reportedly pays $3 for every cartridge received. In addition, brands like Canon run recycling programs, free to their customers. These are listed below:

Print Great Photos from Your iPhone

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I don’t know about you, but since getting my iPhone, and really ever since Smart phones became so “smart”, my laptop does not get the every day usage it used to see from me. I do still have to log in for a few tasks, such as printing photos.

There are some useful and creative iPhone apps that allow you to even print photos from the iPhone. There are some great, free apps that you can install to print to a Wi-Fi network enabled printer.

Looking for more fun with photos? PS Mobile redeems the lack of editing in the iPhone Camera with Photoshop style editing. Another free app, PS Mobile allows you to crop, brighten, add borders and even upload and host on

What Mobile phone apps have you found to make taking or printing photos easier?

Man Proposes With Light Writing

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Most couples save the photo album for after the wedding. But when North Carolina resident Derick Childress stumbled upon a novel way to propose to girlfriend Emily, his Canon 7D digital camera saw some major use. To generate his light-writing proposal, Derick employed 2 friends and took more than 800 exposures over 3 nights.

Their website,, hosts a Making Of video – but (perhaps thanks to links from Neatorama) it’s currently down.

Valentines Day is upon us, what romantic inspiration do you have?

Printer Brands Pledge Millions to Haiti Relief

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Many U.S. companies have pledged Six-figure sums to aid Haiti relief in the last week. According to a frequently updated list by the Chamber of Commerce, among the larger contributors are: Microsoft, which has donated $1.25 million, and Pepsi, which is pledging $1 million.

Other contributors include Crocs, which is donating thousands of pairs of shoes, and Nestle, which has donated $1m in bottled water.

Leading printer brands are also adding to Haiti relief. According to a 15 January press release by Hewlett Packard, the household name has contributed $500,000 to the American Red Cross International Response Fund.

HP will also match $250,000 in contributions from its employees, coming to a possible $750,000.

The Canon Group has also pledged $220,000 to aid victims of the earthquake, which struck Haiti last week.

Speaking in the Canon Press Release, President and Chief Executive Officer at Canon USA Joe Adachi said: "A tragedy of this magnitude requires support from the global community and it is our hope that our contribution, along with all of the aid coming in from around the world, will help the people of Haiti begin the rebuilding and healing process."

According to the 17 January report at, US donations are set to exceed the $2b pledged after the Asian tsunami two years ago.

Notable pledges outside the corporate world include: $1m contributed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Doctors Without Borders, and $500,000 contributed by The New York Yankees.

Sal Fabens of United Way Worldwide says that cash is the most useful pledge, because donations of food etc. may not be able to reach the disaster-struck areas.

If you’d like to pledge Haiti relief, you’ll find information at the Haiti Earthquake Recovery Facebook page.

Now you can print a beautiful cake

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Professional bakeries, and home based cake decorators, a new fun way to decorate is now available. Novelty baked goods such as photograph cakes have been made at larger commercial bakeries and grocery stores, now you can decorate your own cake at home using edible ink. Cake decoration has long been a serious art. From birthday cakes to wedding cakes, cake artists will tell you that it is all about presentation. All you need is a good photo printer from Canon or Epson, like the Canon IP or Canon Pixma, compatible ink cartridges or a refill kit and edible icing sheets.

Many cake decorating supply stores carry edible ink and icing sheets. I even found it online at Kopykake and Icingmagic

Once an image is printed on an icing sheet, you can simply place it on top of the frosted cake or other baked good. The icing sheet will seamlessly absorb into cake frosting.

The use of an inkjet printer allows any one that is proficient with a computer to display perfect logos, complete Photoshop designs, family photographs and more like a true culinary artist.

You may want to thoroughly clean your printer before inserting your cartridges filled with edible ink. This way you can have your cake and feel comfortable eating it too.

I found a beautiful example at Sweetmoments

Who knew a regular photo printer could do so much! Whether you are a professional culinary artist or a mom who loves to create top notch birthday cakes, you will want to experiment with edible inks and see where this new method of cake decoration takes you.

If you have a great cake recipe or have accomplished a beautiful design, please share with us in the comments below.