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10 Halloween Printables For Kids!

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When it comes to using your printer to keep your little ones entertained, you can’t go far wrong with colouring-in sheets. Halloween is a great opportunity for a little print and colour-in session, whether you opt for haunted houses, Draculas or zombie bunnies for your own little monsters to decorate.

But did you know your printer has a lot more potential for keeping kids entertained - especially during the exciting Halloween holiday season? Below you’ll find ten printable ideas for Halloween fun, which your children are bound to go batty for!

1. Halloween Countdown Calendar

Simply print out this countdown calendar and pop it on the wall, then use a marker to count down to the spookiest day of the year. This is an easy way to build excitement and should help younger children to get to grips with numbers.

2. Pin the Tail on the Cat

We’re all familiar with pin the tail on the donkey, but this fun printable version gives that party favourite a Halloween twist. Simply print out the friendly-looking black cat and stick it on the wall - or better yet on a pin board - with some blue tack. Then print the matching tails and attach a drawing pin to each. It’ll be down to the blindfolded children to find the right place for the tails!

For an extra bit of fun why not surround the picture of the cat with balloons, which will pop with a bang when your little ones miss completely? You can print out the cat itself here and the matching tails for pinning here.

3. DIY Spooky Masks

A grown-up will be required to help younger children to cut out these masks but they can then be coloured in with pens, pencils or paints and made to look really festive. You may want to back them on durable card if your children are keen to wear the masks - they can then be secured with ribbon, string or elastic - ready for a good trick or treat session!


4. Creepy Crosswords

Your kids might not be up to The Times Crossword yet, so why not ease them in with these child-friendly Halloween versions? There are a few difficulty levels to choose from including the super-tricky one. As such they could be a great way to keep children amused while you enjoy a little me-time…


5. Monster Mazes

Mazes are great ways to keep children entertained and can be fantastic brain-training exercises too. You can encourage your children to attempt them in pencil in case they take a wrong turn, though an alternative could be to print out a few copies for failed attempts. For competitive types you might even want to make completing the maze a race! We’ve found this playful pumpkin maze and this spooky skull maze for them to try.

6. Plan a Party

If your little monsters are keen to get their little monster friends round for a Halloween party you’ll be needing some suitably spooky invites. This printable Halloween party invite is nice and colourful and has lots of space for all the details. Encourage your children to fill them in themselves to get some good handwriting practice in.

7. Woo-Oooo Word-searches

Being cooped up on a rainy afternoon can drive little ones crazy, so having a word-search lined up can be a lifesaver. To give some added motivation why not challenge your children to find all the words within a certain amount of time - and award a prize for any who manage it? This selection of Halloween-themed word-searches comes with different levels of difficulty, enabling you to select the right one for your child’s age and ability…

8. Pumpkin Patterns

No Halloween is complete without a well-lit pumpkin or two. Make yours extra decorative and super-spooky with these printable patterns. Once they’re printed you can trace them onto the pumpkin and cut out the shapes, though obviously smaller children will need a hand with the cutting part.

9. Spooky Stencils

If pumpkin carving seems a little too ambitious for you and your brood, why not try an alternative use for stencils? These basic Halloween stencils can be printed and cut out for decorating all sorts. For example, you can use them with temporary glass paint to decorate the windows of your home. Or alternatively you can print them onto more durable card and cut them out for use decorating cupcakes with icing sugar or cocoa powder!

10. Fancy Dress Without Dressing Up


Even if you don’t have time for fancy dress this Halloween, there’s no need for your children to miss out entirely. These adorably designed paper dolls can be cut out using child-friendly scissors, to deliver lots of dressing-up fun. There are boy and girl designs to choose from, and each comes with cute little accessories - such as lantern trick or treat baskets, pirate eye patches and fairy wings!

How to Choose the Right Printer

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Choosing a printer requires a lot of consideration as it can be costly to keep replacing a printer. You need to consider the purpose for the printer; the type of paper it will use; the amount of colour; budget; availability of ink cartridges/toners; speed and size. 

Printers for College students

You would need a printer that is suitable for printing out your assignments, forms, notes, projects, research papers, photographs and maybe T-shirt transfers for t-shirts to wear on a night out with your friends.


Recommendations for your printer:

The most ideal type of printer for a college student is one that is simple and cheap as most college students are on a budget. If you are mainly printing paper, you should opt for a monochrome laser printer as they are more economical since the running costs are lower than an inkjet printer. However, avoid colour laser printers as they tend to be expensive especially if you are on a budget. 

If you are working on projects where you would need to use a lot of colour, an inkjet printer would be more ideal especially a basic model which does not have unnecessary features such as scanning and Wi-Fi connection. A simple model will save you money and will not affect your printing quality.

Examples: Lexmark Impact, S305 Kodak ESP C310, HP Laser Jet Pro M1212nf (all-in-one printer)

Home Office Printing 

Your ideal printer would be one that is suitable to print documents, newsletters, home-made posters, children’s projects or photos. You may not print very often however you would like a printer that is multipurpose and affordable. 

Recommendations for your printer:

For a home office, it can be recommended that an inkjet printer would be the most appropriate as it is multipurpose from printing sharp image photographs to printing t-shirt transfers and various craft items. You can also purchase an all-in-one printer which contains a photocopier and scanner as well as the printer itself which is useful especially if you have a small space to keep your printer. There are some printers which would cost less than £85 therefore look around before making a final purchase. 

Examples: Canon Pixma MX870, Kodak ESP 9250, HP DeskJet 1000

Printers for The Photographer

In order to get photos which are lab-quality photos, you would need a printer that can print in high resolution which can capture the range and depth of colour in your photographs.


Recommendations for your printer

To give you great prints, the most suitable printer would be a photo printer. Most photo printers are able to directly connect to your camera (PictBridge) and print a variety of sizes. Other types of printers which would be suitable are inkjet printers which could give you excellent quality photos and texts plus accept variety types of paper. However, ink cartridges do not last long thus supply costs are high plus they print slower than laser printers. Laser printers are unsuitable for printing photos as they produce poor photo quality and are not made for using with glossy photo stock. 

Apart from the printer, you should also invest in quality photographic paper for the best results.

Examples: Canon Selphy CP780 which is a compact photo printer with a PictBridge

LCD Screens where you can preview and edit photos to make your images stand out like HP Photosmart A826

Multiple paper trays e.g. Canon Pixma MP630 enable you to switch from standard A4 text paper  to 6x4-inch photo paper without changing printer settings or paper type.

All- in- one

Apart from printing, an all-in-one can copy, scan and fax. These are suitable if you have limited amount of space and are less expensive than buying many individual devices.  

Recommendations for your printer

All-in-one inkjet printers are the most popular for the home as they are able to perform the different functions mentioned. They tend to be bulky therefore ensure that you adequate space on your desk before purchasing one.

All-in-one laser printers are suitable for the offices than homes as they can be bulky and expensive to purchase initially however in the long run, their running costs are lower than an inkjet printer. 

Examples: Epson Stylus NX430 Small-in-One All-in-One (inkjet printer), HP LaserJet Pro 100 colour MFP M175a Colour Laser - Printer / copier / scanner (laser printer)

Final Word

Before going out to purchase the printer, you should consider the brand where you could look at product reviews of the printers from different websites and perhaps recommendations from your friends. 

If you buy a printer online, you have the customer’s right to return the product within 7 days after delivery if it’s damaged. Sometimes, it is advisable to go to a physical store to buy your printer as it is easier to return if you are not completely satisfied with the product. 

Finally, decide whether to get an inkjet or a laser model, and a plain printer or an all-in-one and where you will be using it.

The Differences Between Tattoo ink, Pen ink and Printer ink

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Ink is ink right? Wrong! Contrary to popular belief, there are various types of ink out there that all perform many different functions. Getting in the know about what types of inks are out there will certainly give you kudos points amongst you’re friends, not many people know this stuff!

According to a survey undertaken in February 2012 by Harris Interactive, a staggering 42% of US citizens admit to having at least one tattoo, now that is certainly a lot of ink! The origins of tattoo ink stem back thousands of years ago and have since evolved into the increasingly popular artist’s aid that it is today.

Most recent variations include UV light tattoos which create glow-in-the-dark body art work and easily removable permanent tattoos that can be erased with just a couple of laser sessions, as opposed to the laborious procedure of yesteryear which required near to 12 laser treatments to achieve results.

Despite its evident popularity tattoo ink has not been without its problems. Due to the fact that the substance is not regulated in the US, tattoo artists are given free rein to alter ink formulas, which can then lead to difficulty in distinguishing the exact components that make up certain tattoo inks.  Traditionally, tattoo inks are made up of anti-fade and smudge components; no one wants to pay for a tattoo that will come off in the shower do they! However this often results in heavy and potentially harmful components such as particular metals, alcohols and chemicals being used. 

A far cry from the arguably exciting nature of tattoo ink, the humble pen ink has a standardized formula and is heavily regulated in the US meaning this formula cannot be tampered with by different manufactures. Unlike tattoo ink, pen ink commonly uses dyes as opposed to pigments due to their ability to not clot or dry inside the actual pen.

Mirroring the vast differences between tattoo and pen ink, the ever useful printer ink certainly follows suit. Unlike tattoo ink with its often unknown elements, it is widely accepted that Printer ink is made up of four components colorants, binders, additives and carrier substances. However, similar to tattoo and pen ink, printer ink can be split into two categories: dye-based and pigment-based both of which offer different finishes and host their own benefits.

The type of printer will determine whether a dye-based or pigment-based ink is to be used which is ultimately important to remember. Nothing can be more annoying than purchasing ink that won’t work for your printer.

The differences between all these three ink types are clear and interesting to see. What’s even more interesting is to see the ways in which ink and its uses will evolve over the years to come. Who knows what ink could be used for in 10 years’ time, watch this space! 

Printer Problems

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Whether you are using a business or a personal printer, sometimes you might run into different issues that can cause the printer to no longer function. This can be frustrating, and it can sometimes be daunting to try to determine where the problem is coming from. A variety of printer problems can occur from a simple paper jam or unclear print results, to the printer completely not working at all. If you're installing a brand new printer, it is a good idea to look for various printer problems and solutions directly from the manufacturer's website or owner's manual. Often, troubleshooting printer problems is as simple as reading the manual that comes with it. A driver might not be installed properly. First, make sure your printer's driver is installed completely and that your computer recognizes the printer. If the driver is in fact installed, try to print a test page. This usually gets the printer to "wake up" and begin the printing process. If you have a paper jam, gently open up the printer and look for the source of the problem. Never jerk, pull, or yank the paper out, but instead slowly try to get it to come out by pulling it gently and methodically.

Many times, a printer problem is related to the quality of the print job itself. If a print job comes out smeared or faded it could be a number of different things. Check your printer's ink levels and make sure they are up to par. Your printer may alert you if the ink cartridges are getting low, but not all models will do this so you may need to manually check. If the ink levels look good, try to clean the print heads. Most new printer models have a feature that allows you to select this option from the printer's main menu. It will then go through the process of cleaning the print heads, resulting in clearer printouts. When troubleshooting printer problems, make sure you are selecting options that match your own make and model to ensure you can fix the printer problem easily and safely.

Remanufactured Ink Cartridges for Printers

As inkjet technology has evolved, and demand has increased for professional looking prints, inkjet printer cartridges from the original manufacturer have become in some cases rather expensive and for a small number of accurate prints. At the same time consumers overall have been satisfied with the value of their printer, but less so their printer in cartridges. Many manufacturers have emerged to provide remanufactured ink jet cartridges for popular brands of inkjet prints, such as Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon, Brother, and others.

Remanufactured inkjet printer cartridges began as small companies selling replacement ink and leaving the consumer to refill the cartridge but today is a much more common business, and the consumer doesn’t need to buy strange systems that refill the cartridge. Many large companies, and also public programs provide for ways for consumers to dispose of original inkjet printer cartridges in such a way that they can be refilled and recycled. This results not only in being friendly to the environment but also in savings for consumers who can then buy remanufactured inkjet printer cartridges at a reduced price. Similarly for laser printers there exists remanufactured toner cartridges.

While once branded as being lower quality, the remanufactured inkjet cartridges for printers of today in most cases offer same, or similar quality to those provided by original inkjet cartridges. A savvy consumer can save a lot of money with an affordable price that offers quality, even at cheap prices, for those on a budget. 

Many consumers often prefer ink, and cartridges from original manufacturers, but for many, remanufactured inkjet printer cartridges from clickinks serve day-to-day printing needs. Also ordering online can save consumers money because, even though there is sometimes a cost for delivery, buying inkjet printer cartridges in bulk can result in substantial savings. 

Even when buying a modest supply, it is worth investigating whether remanufactured inkjet cartridges compatible with one’s printer, at a low price, can outweigh the perceived benefit of inkjet printer cartridges purchased from the original manufacturer. For consumers looking for deals, whether it be low volume or high volumes, remanufactured inkjet printer cartridges are a seriously compelling option, which consumers can consider when replacing the inkjet printer cartridges which were supplied with their printer, or those purchased from the original manufacturer of their printer.

Find Inkjet Printer Cartridge Refill

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Since the inception of inkjet printer cartridges, prices have seemingly become steadily higher when buying inkjet printer cartridges at popular retailers. Companies have learned that once a consumer has already purchased an inkjet printer they are very likely to continue purchasing inkjet printer cartridges for it, even if the prices are steep.

A further tactic is that the companies that produce printers often ship them with printer cartridges that contain less ink that those sold separately. Indeed buying authentic inkjet printer products retail can make the prices of having photos printed professionally, and visiting the copy shop to print out documents rather attractive by comparison. For these reasons consumers are continually searching for the cheapest ways to purchase inkjet refill cartridges. An inexpensive option when purchasing inkjet refill cartridge options is to purchase remanufactured ink jet printer cartridges.

These are cartridges that have been refilled either by the original manufacturer, or more often third-party companies. The most expensive and polluting part of an inkjet printer cartridge is the electronic printer head. Remanufactured inkjet printer heads are one of the most optimal forms of recycling. Buying remanufactured inkjet printer heads, at a low price, is a great way to protect the environment, and get good value at the same time.

Another way for consumers in search of bargain deals on inkjet printer cartridge refills is to buy online. Because they do not need to maintain a large retail presence online stores can offer reduced prices on inkjet products, and often have clearance sales because they sell so many. When buying online consumers can save even more money while buying remanufactured inkjet printer cartridge refills at clickinks.

Also buying in bulk can yield even more savings. Further consumers can purchase products for non-inkjet printers, like laser toner, or specialty papers. It doesn't even take a very large order to see savings on shipping charges, and these combined with the savings on the price of inkjet refill cartridges themselves offer tremendous value for consumers shopping for inkjet printer cartridge refills on a tight budget.

How to Install a HP Printer Without a Disk

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When installing a printer, it can be frustrating to find out you’ve lost or misplaced the installation disc. New Hewlett Packard (HP) printers should come prepackaged with a cd to make the installation process easy. However, used printers may not come with the cd, resulting in a manual installation. Learning how to install HP printer without disk can be easily achieved in less than ten minutes. Follow these simple directions to install HP printer without cd. Plug and Play can be used on Windows operating systems to automatically configure and install new devices.

This technology can be used for [HP printer installation without cd]. Place the printer near the computer and ensure that all required wires are connected to both the printer and computer. Most HP printers will require a USB cord that attaches from the back of the printer to the appropriate port on the computer.

The printer will also need to be plugged into an electrical outlet for power. First turn the computer monitor and tower on and allow it to load to the Windows desktop. Next, press the power button on the printer. In some cases, the “Add Printer Wizard” may appear on its own. If not, locate the “Printers and Hardware” icon on your computers “Control Panel”. After double-clicking on the icon, choose “Add Printer”. Once the “Add Printer Wizard” appears, click “Next”. To [install HP printer without cd], choose the “Automatically detect and install plug and play printer” option.

If the printer network is found by your computer, the printer will install automatically. However, if the computer is unable to install automatically, a pop-up will appear and you will be prompted to manually install the printer. Click “Next” to manually install the printer and select a printer port (choose recommended port if you are unsure). Next, choose the manufacturer of the printer and click “Next”.

Type a name for your printer and set it as “Default”. On the final page, you will be prompted to print a test page to ensure your newly installed printer is working. Click “Finish” to close the printer wizard. Plug and Play is a simple way to install HP printer without cd. While misplacing important installation discs can become a problem, most devices can be easily installed using automatic device wizards found on your computer.