The early Macintosh operating systems consisted of two sets of software: system and finder. The Macintosh or Mac OS is normally divided into two categories. The first is Mac OS Classic family, which is developed by Mac’s own set of codes. The next and newest is Mac OS X operating system, which is developed by combining Classic Mac OS and NEXTSTEP. The Classic Mac OS is a graphical operating system with limited memory management.

Mac Resources

  • How to Use Mac: This page gives basic information on how to use Mac OS.
  • Macintosh Support: This page provides support information for older Macintosh.
  • Macintosh Printer Information: This page contains good resources and information on Macintosh printer.
  • FAQ on Macintosh: This page contains frequently asked questions on Macintosh.
  • Old Mac in OS X: This page gives basic information on how to run old Macs in OS X environment.
  • Macintosh: This page gives all basic information and resources on Macintosh such as network setup and troubleshooting with clear instructions and pictures.

All about SCSI

  • SCSI: This page contains everything about SCSI.
  • SCSI FAQ: This page contains frequently asked questions on SCSI.
  • Formatting SCSI Drives: This page gives detailed information on formatting Macintosh SCSI drives.

Technical Information

Mac Error

RAM Guide

  • RAM: This page gives complete technical information on RAM.
  • Types of RAM: This page gives different types of RAM with clear definition on SIMM, DIMM, and SODIMM.

Specific Machine Sites

  • Apple II and III Index: This page contains hardware and software manuals of Apple II and Apple III.
  • 68000 Mac FAQ: This page explains what works on 68000 such as Classic, SE, and Plus.
  • Mac Plus: This gives good information on Mac Plus.
  • Repair Mac SE: This page clearly explains various problems, solutions, and preventive steps for hardware troubles of Mac SE.
  • PowerBook 100: This page provides general information on Apple PowerBook 100.
  • Macintosh Color Classic: This page contains FAQ on Macintosh color classic such as general information, motherboard upgrades, and technical specification.
  • Macintosh IIfx: This page provides technical specification on Apple Macintosh IIfx.
  • Macintosh 128K: This page contains FAQ on Macintosh 128K through Mac 512Ke.
  • Mac Floppy Drives: This page is the complete guide for Mac floppy drives and disk formatting.


  • System Enablers: This page lists some rare links to download Macintosh system enablers.
  • Classic Mac OS Downloads and Updates: This page contains good resources to download Classic Mac OS.
  • SieveAhl: This page clearly explains the importance of SieveAhl and also contains the download link of SieveAhl for Mac 68K.
  • Utility Disks: This page contains many utility disks and other application for Macintosh.
  • Mac Utilities: This page contains link for many Macintosh utilities such as pump, APS PowerTools 2.73, and Zoomin, which is not found elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Mac 68K Software: This page contains useful software for Macintosh 68K.
  • Macintosh Browsers: This page contains links to download browsers for Macintosh.
  • Lynx: This page contains links to download Lynx 2.8.5 and Lynx current developmental version.
  • Mac Driver: This page is a good resource to download Mac drivers.
  • Freeware/Shareware for Macintosh: This page lists many useful freeware and shareware for Mac and Newton.
  • Eudora: This page contains good resources to download Eudora.
  • Mac Software: This page contains archive of useful Mac software.

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