There are several different kinds of fiction, from the novel to the poem. No other form of writing affects our culture quite as much as the short story. Short stories are usually written in a narrative format so that the main character is the spoken voice of the story. This brings the reader right into the story and makes them feel whatever the narrator is feeling. There can be other characters, but often they are limited to one or two other people, or animals. The length of these stories can be different from one to another, depending on the author's definition of a short story. Some may read more like a novella or shorter novel. Another way to describe a short story is an anecdote, which means that the story quickly gets to its point and brings the reader to a quick conclusion or ending. These stories are not quite as complex as a novel, but can still draw the reader in and have a strong affect on them. Many authors compile their short stories into collections, or they are featured in various newspapers or magazines. Here are some examples of classic short stories.
These works of fiction are some of the most influential in history. The writings continue to inspire and be imitated. Often these works are printed at home for use in school assignments. Be sure and stock up on inkjet and toner cartridges.

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